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Brendan speaks in a wide variety of settings on a wide variety of topics. He currently teaches and lectures nationally at universities, colleges, conferences and schools. He is available to speak and teach on the issues presented in The Yin and Yang of Climate Crisis and other topics including:

  • climate change
  • other environmental issues, including deforestation
  • the connection between personal health, cultural well-being and ecological sustainability, including a holistic understanding of environmental health
  • applying Chinese medical thinking to environmental policy issues, and policy issues of health care and health care economics
  • Chinese medicine, including Chinese medical philosophy and pulse and tongue diagnosis
  • a wide-variety of topics in western and eastern herbal medicine, including herb walks with plant identification and wildcrafting, medicine making and in-depth clinical training
  • acupuncture
  • internal practices including Tai Chi Ch’uan and Qi Gong

To contact Brendan about teaching or speaking, please:

  • email personalasecological@gmail

Here are some videos of Brendan speaking about different topics:

    • At the Traditional Foods and Health Symposium, on “Chinese Medicine and Health and Healing”

  • A short video about a Chinese medicine understanding of cancer

  • A short video about a Chinese medicine understanding of Lyme disease

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