“Brendan Kelly is contributing to an important emerging understanding: that climate change is not fundamentally a technical problem of greenhouse gases that can be addressed with technical solutions. It is a symptom of the modern way of being in the world.”

Charles Eisenstein, bestselling author of Sacred Economics and The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible


“The profundity of medicine is not simply to heal others, or even ourselves, but to manifest that power to transform all that prevails in life.  In an age perturbed by technological dependence, rise in cancer afflictions, and alienation from nature, Brendan Kelly has crafted his vision through The Yin and Yang of Climate Crisis based on his conscience!  In his skillful presentation of Chinese medicine and the application of its concepts and theories to the global crisis of climate change, Kelly offers penetrating and insightful seeds regarding our ecology. These can be sowed by the readers so that a harvest of optimism can be achieved and celebrated regarding the world we all live in.”

Dr. Jeffrey Yuen, 88th generation Daoist priest, internationally recognized teacher and practitioner of Chinese medicine


“Brendan Kelly uses his expertise in Chinese medicine to draw a connection between the environmental excesses that have led us to the age of climate change, and the individual excesses that lead to depletion, imbalance and disease. His fascinating book offers fresh, clear insight into the root causes of both, as well as a map toward greater personal and environmental health and balance.”

Kristin Kimball, bestselling author of The Dirty Life, farmer and co-founder of Essex Farm


“This book is about much more than climate change. It is about our whole way of life, including our relationship with ourselves and our health. In clear and accessible language, Brendan Kelly invites us to set aside our typical ways of thinking–reductionistic, fragmented, and dualistic–and to embrace a more holistic and systemic mode of thought characteristic of ancient Chinese civilization. Not content to become lost in the depressing facts and statistics about climate change, this book helps us see the big picture and think in new ways. Using the conceptual framework of Chinese medicine, Kelly incisively diagnoses the source of what most ails us both personally and collectively and offers guidelines for meaningful change. What could be more important?”

Dr. John Christopher, Ph.D., Former President of the Society for Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology, Fellow of the American Psychological Association and the Mind & Life Institute, Fulbright Scholar


“Your book is insightful paralleling the body to our planet. The human body is a mirror of our home planet. Many of our Indigenous stories are similar teachings that the human was made from the earth, wind, fire and water. Bringing the ancient connection between the Earth and the person into the climate change crisis is needed. Writing your book The Yin and Yang of Climate Crisis not only teaches the reader that the body and the earth are connected, it explains the need for healing both for a positive outcome.”

Scott Frazier, Elder of the Crow/Santee tribe, founder and director of Project Indigenous


“With a radically expansive understanding of holistic principles, Brendan Kelley invites the voice of Chinese Medicine to the conversation about climate change – exploring a nuanced understanding of macrocosm and microcosm that has supported health for millennia.  Through this bold project, Brendan shows us that the remedy for our individual bodies and our planet-body is the same.  He invites us to look at the deeper causes of our situation, and in so doing, to experience deeper purpose and connection with life.  This book is a must read for anyone interested in any sort of systems thinking, anyone with a body, and anyone who cares about the earth.”

Dr. Sarah Von Hoy, Ph.D, L.Ac., faculty at Goddard College, medical anthropologist, licensed acupuncturist.


“Brendan Kelly’s book on The Yin and Yang of Climate Crisis is a brilliantly written, far-sighted exploration of climate change using Chinese Medicine as an ancient way to see personal mind-body inflammation as deeply interrelated to the earth’s rising heat.  This book empowers people to embrace cooler lifestyles and less inflammatory diets to help rebalance their own lives and in a small, yet organically powerful, way to help rebalance mother earth.”

I will adopt this book as a text in a course on Global Health, Diversity & Policy.”

Dr. Susan Green. Ph.D, department chair, Behavioral Sciences department, director of the Wellness and Alternative Medicine Degree. Johnson State College

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