Treating Lyme with Chinese Medicine: An Introduction with Brendan Kelly, LAc.

Wednesday, April 6, 2022, at 7:00 pm EST

A crucial understanding in treating Lyme Disease is that there are multiple stages to the condition. Using the Chinese Medicine disease progression theory Bian Hua (To Change and Transform), we will explore how one set of conditions leads to others and how understanding the progression of Lyme is essential to not only treating symptoms but also preventing the condition.

In this free 1-hour introductory webinar presentation, Brendan Kelly, LAc will discuss the importance of The School of Heat (Wen Bing) theory in treating the inflammation introduced by a tick bite. We’ll also discuss how the Wai Ke (Neurological) Tradition can be used to both treat the symptoms and underlying cause of late-stage neurological Lyme, including tremors, seizures, and migraines.

Live Q&A will be held, where participants will be able to ask their questions directly to Brendan


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