Healing Lyme Naturally

Over the past several years our clinical practice has evolved so that we are treating a significant number of patients with Lyme disease. Over half of the new patients I treat now have a Lyme diagnosis. Part of our increased clinical focus on Lyme is that the number of people with the condition here in Vermont and nationally is increasing rapidly.The Centers for Disease Control estimates that 300,000 people become infected each year. Where we practice here in Vermont has one of the highest rates of Lyme in the US. And with these significant number of Lyme diagnoses patient advocacy groups, including the International Lyme and Associated Disease Society, believe that these already elevated numbers are low by many magnitudes.There are many symptoms associated with Lyme: skin redness with an initial tick bite, fever, joint and whole body pain, fatigue, digestive and gastro-intestinal issues, cognitive/thinking issues and neurological issues including…

Happy Spring

Here in northern Vermont, we’re experiencing the transition from Winter to Spring. The temperatures are increasing, the light is returning and the piles of snow are mostly melted. Birds are chirping for the first time in months and the first of the buds are appearing on trees. And the iconic process of making maple syrup is happening–smoke is rising from the tops of sugar houses as the sweet water from maple trees is cooked into syrup.For Chinese medicine, this transition from the cold and dormancy of Winter to the warmth and re-birth of Spring is a time of often dramatic change. Just as nature is waking up, now is the time when our energy is waking up as well. When we’re in balance, Spring is a time of excitement where new things are possible and physical and mental activity naturally increases. It’s the time of the year to get outside…

Lyme Disease: The Chinese Medicine Approach

Brendan Kelly shares his vast experience with Lyme Disease, tell us how at least 50% of his practice right now is treating people at various stages of Lyme. He explains why Chinese Medicine (which includes foods, herbs and acupuncture) is so effective treating Lyme. In this episode he shares: The progression of Lyme through four different stages; what Chinese Medicine calls each stage and how they manifest in different symptomsWhat to do at each stage of the disease, what foods to eat and how lifestyle affects each stageWhy there is no single remedy for Lyme but rather how Chinese Medicine treats the individual rather than the diseaseThe connection between Lyme and climate change