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Healing the Brain: Chinese Medicine’s Neurology Tradition

By Brendan Kelly, L. Ac. M. Ac. Herbalist First published in the newsletter of the Florida State Chinese Medicine Association as an introduction to a class Brendan is teaching at their conference August 13, 2021 In the long history of Chinese medicine, many traditions have developed that emphasize different diagnostic and treatment perspectives. In my clinical experience, one of the most interesting and effective is the Wai Ke. Primarily understood as a practice of external medicine, it is a well-developed dermatology tradition able to treat a very wide range of skin conditions. Less well known, but equally important, is that the Wai Ke tradition is also very effective in treating neurological conditions of all kinds. And the connection between the dermatological and neurological is the diagnosis of wind. While the emphasis is on external wind with dermatology, with neurological conditions the focus is on wind internally. And while there are…