Vermonter Says Halting Global Warming Begins At Home

Even the most committed environmentalist might consider a book titled “The Yin and Yang of Climate Crisis” to be “out there.” But its author, Vermonter Brendan Kelly, is confident as he points to his person and explains how it starts “in here.” Brendan Kelly is a Burlington acupuncturist and Chinese medicine specialist. Courtesy photo “Virtually everything we hear about climate change is from our usual, Western perspective,” he says. “Most of the discussion about the crisis of global warming focuses on external issues: calls to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase carbon sequestration, buy and eat locally, and challenge continuous economic growth.” Kelly doesn’t contest the science, commending fellow Vermonter Bill McKibben for writing the first book about global warming for a general audience a quarter-century ago. But the Burlington acupuncturist and Chinese medicine specialist is focused less on treating outer symptoms than on targeting their inner causes. “If we were…