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Treating Lyme with Chinese Medicine: An Introduction with Brendan Kelly, LAc.

Wednesday, April 6, 2022, at 7:00 pm EST A crucial understanding in treating Lyme Disease is that there are multiple stages to the condition. Using the Chinese Medicine disease progression theory Bian Hua (To Change and Transform), we will explore how one set of conditions leads to others and how understanding the progression of Lyme is essential to not only treating symptoms but also preventing the condition. In this free 1-hour introductory webinar presentation, Brendan Kelly, LAc will discuss the importance of The School of Heat (Wen Bing) theory in treating the inflammation introduced by a tick bite. We’ll also discuss how the Wai Ke (Neurological) Tradition can be used to both treat the symptoms and underlying cause of late-stage neurological Lyme, including tremors, seizures, and migraines. Live Q&A will be held, where participants will be able to ask their questions directly to Brendan Register: https://fsoma.memberclicks.net/treating-lyme-intro

Lessons from COVID: Part 3

In these challenging times, there is good news. For several thousand years, Chinese medicine has been promoting well-being and treating illnesses of all kinds. Even with something as potentially frightening as a pandemic, there are ways to treat sickness that address not only the symptoms themselves but also their deeper root causes. The first part of the newsletter below has information about our experience treating a Chinese medicine understanding of COVID as well as helping people recover from the condition. The second half includes some ideas from past newsletters about promoting health and preventing disease. Recovery from the virus We have treated many people recovering from the effects of COVID and the good news is that long list of possible symptoms are very treatable. From a lack of energy, respiratory and circulatory issues, digestive symptoms, temperature dysregulation, and pain, the combination of acupuncture and herbal medicine has been very effective…

COVID and Climate Crisis: Personal and Ecological Healing

Taught by Brendan Kelly, acupuncturist, herbalist At the yearly conference of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists, England Conference is online October 8-10, 2021 Embedded in the long history of Chinese medicine is the understanding that we are intimately connected to the world around us. Using contemporary western climate science and a traditional Chinese medicine understanding of epidemics, we’ll discuss the direct, immediate connection between COVID and the destabilization of the climate. In particular, we’ll use the lens of the Chinese medicine’s Wen Bing/School of Heat tradition which was developed starting in the 1300s in response to other epidemics. Brendan will also discuss his experience using western and eastern herbs to treat Chinese medicine’s understanding of COVID and other viral infections. Get tickets now!

Healing the Brain: Chinese Medicine’s Neurology Tradition

By Brendan Kelly, L. Ac. M. Ac. Herbalist First published in the newsletter of the Florida State Chinese Medicine Association as an introduction to a class Brendan is teaching at their conference August 13, 2021 In the long history of Chinese medicine, many traditions have developed that emphasize different diagnostic and treatment perspectives. In my clinical experience, one of the most interesting and effective is the Wai Ke. Primarily understood as a practice of external medicine, it is a well-developed dermatology tradition able to treat a very wide range of skin conditions. Less well known, but equally important, is that the Wai Ke tradition is also very effective in treating neurological conditions of all kinds. And the connection between the dermatological and neurological is the diagnosis of wind. While the emphasis is on external wind with dermatology, with neurological conditions the focus is on wind internally. And while there are…

Inflammation, Anxiety and Climate Change: A Day-long Intensive

Date: Saturday, April 25, 2020 at 9 AM – 5 PM Location: Railyard Apothecary 270 Battery Street, Burlington, Vermont 05401 Hosted by: Railyard Apothecary and Brendan Kelly Details Join us for this day-long class with Vermont author, acupuncturist, and herbalist Brendan Kelly. With Chinese medicine, there is a longstanding understanding that what’s happening in the world and culture around us influences our health. Using Chinese medicine’s School of Heat/Wen Bing tradition, we discuss the connection between inflammation and overstimulation within us and the rapid overheating of the planet. We also discuss the use of western herbs, diet and lifestyle to treat the numerous symptoms associated with the diagnosis of heat, including pain, inflammation and anxiety. Using the holism of Chinese medicine, we’ll also talk about how our personal healing is intimately connected to the healing of the planet. Brendan Kelly M. Ac. L. Ac. Herbalist holds a master’s degree in…

Integrative Community Practitioner Forum: Self Care and the Climate Crisis, Healing the Internal and External Environment

Date: Thursday, March 19, 2020 at 6 PM – 7:30 PM Location: UVM Medical Center 111 Colchester Avenue, Burlington, Vermont 05401 Hosted by: UVM Integrative Health Details Self-Care and the Climate Crisis: Healing the Internal and External Environment Brendan Kelly is the author of The Yin and Yang of Climate Crisis, which looks at the bigger and deeper issues of climate change through the lens of Chinese medicine. The co-founder and co-owner of Jade Mountain Wellness, where he currently practices acupuncture and herbalism, he has also been actively involved with environmental issues for 25 years. Kelly was also the founder and primary instructor of an outdoor based western herbal school, and teaches about harvesting and using wild plants for food and medicine and herbal medicine preparation. He continues to work integrating the potency of local, western medicinal plants with the depth of Chinese medicine. Before practicing Chinese medicine, Brendan was…

Cancer and Climate Change (EVENT)

Date: Saturday, February 15, 2020 at 2 PM – 3:30 PM Location: NOFA, VT conference Hosted by: Jade Mountain Wellness Details As part of this year’s Northeast Organic Farmers Association conference at the University of VT, join Brendan of Jade Mt Wellness to discuss how what’s happening within us is being mirrored in what’s happening with the climate. Using the holistic lens of Chinese medicine, we’ll discuss how the internal imbalances that create cancer are the same one’s that are destabilizing the planet. We’ll also talk about ways to promote personal, cultural and societal well being. To attend, you can sign up for the rest of the conference. Get Tickets See event link in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/2410824519230853/